What makes us different

Study English in Small Groups
The Learn e World group system is the best choice for successful, effective language learning. Our policy of a maximum of six students per class guarantees you maximum individual attention. We believe in clear, systematic programs with an emphasis on feedback correction and personal support.

Clear, systematic programs
We know that time is precious! Each General English lesson is carefully structured to give you practice in all communication skills, including speaking, listening, pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. Cambridge and IELTS courses cover in detail the curriculum of each examination, and pre-examination practice tests are included in every course. English for Professionals and English for Special Purposes courses are designed for each individual .

Fast-moving and dynamic
All of our courses are clearly designed with structured lessons and specific objectives.

Learn the language you need
Often you can express yourself in Basic English, but you would like to use more natural, richer, native-speaker language. During your lesson your teacher is always attentive to the language that you use and will help you improve immediately. These may include writing lesson notes for you to take home and review. We call this reformulation: helping you to put your ideas into the best English.

Your mistakes corrected
Making mistakes is a natural part of learning a language, but sometimes you need a teacher to tell you where you're going wrong. Our teachers are careful to 'tidy up' your language, helping you speak more accurately and with greater confidence. You might be surprised at how quickly you can improve!

Your questions answered immediately
With such small classes we can really offer a student-centered approach, focused on individual needs. Feel free to ask your teacher directly about grammar, meanings, pronunciation.

Focus on pronunciation
Our pronunciation lessons focus on the features of spoken English that are the most challenging, such as linking sentences, word stress, and intonation. With our direct teaching approach, your tutors can listen closely to how you speak and give you help where you most need it. What's more, pronunciation lessons are recorded, so that you can practice and review between lessons.

Lesson management
At One to One English, it's mainly your tutors that you will speak to in class, and they are highly skilled at effective lesson management. This means that you always have plenty to talk about and discuss, and you will be able to keep talking throughout your conversation lesson. That's the best way to practice your language skills and activate your vocabulary.

It's often hard to speak out in large groups of strangers, so at One to One English sessions, you can enjoy individual lessons. That way you can relax, you have time to say what you want and your tutor will listen and help you. There's no pressure. When you enjoy studying, you learn much better. All tutors are highly qualified, friendly and experienced. All of our experienced tutors hold a Certificate in ELT/TESOL or equivalent, as well as having trained in direct teaching methods. With a wide range of backgrounds and teaching experience, they share a passion for teaching and a commitment to their students' development.

Part-Time and Full-Time courses are available for all levels, and you can choose to study one-to-one or in a Max-6 course. Choose one-to-one for individualized courses and maximum flexibility; choose a Max-6 course for the outstanding value of studying in a very small group.

Progress checks and counseling
Progress checks during your lessons help you to see how fast you're improving. You will also have regular one-to-one appointments with your Course Director who will make sure that you're enjoying your course and give you helpful advice about the best way to study for you. Small groups, exclusive course materials, clear study targets, personal counseling: students enjoy the closest support from our team of tutors and course directors, creating our successful English course program that deliver fast, effective results.

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