About Us

Learn e World Introduces and puts in practice the most important aspects of e-teaching, in the comfort of your home or office. This include: Basic theory, Oral speaking and listening, Grammar, Reading and writing.

Learn e World not only will teach you every aspect of the English language, it will make learning easy, by using its revolutionary methods based on the four human senses. These are the same senses that allowed us to learn how to walk and even how to breathe when we were a newborn. Learn e World’s teaching method based on the four senses is simple and easy to implement. It allows the student to absorb the English language through all of his senses almost effortlessly.

Audition – learn by listening to our tutors, well trained to speak accent free English, as well as by listening to the videos of role-plays that we have prepared in order to assist you in your learning process.

Vision- improve your literacy by reading the most exciting texts as well as watching some well-prepared trailers. You are always accompanied and instantly corrected by an attentive tutor that will also provide special techniques to read difficult words.

Tact- by writing in English you will memorize the language in a much easier way. In addition to visualization and auditions, this will make sure that you will never again forget what you are being taught.

Speaking- You will speak and articulate the words in English in a correct way, in the form of funny and real life role-plays, reading or even just by speaking with your always attentive tutor.

All of these combined and field-tested methods, put into place by Learn e World, are a powerful learning tool that enabled you to learn the most important things of your life such as walking, eating and speaking your mother tongue. That’s how easy and enjoyable it will be to learn English with us.

On-line learning for your convenience, you can learn anywhere, anytime. No more having to spend an extra hour or more just to get to your classroom! You can be taught it in your living room, in your office or anywhere else you want to learn, at any time, after or before working hours, or even in between, you chose. Our software is easy to use, so you don’t need to be a computer genius to access our classrooms and access all the useful learning tools that we have at your disposal.

Specialized language level finder tools will define what level your English is, as well as to better understand your needs and difficulties in order to adapt each session to the student attending it. You will be taught in a relaxed and happy atmosphere of classes with a maximum of six students as well as personalized one on one sessions. Each session will be provided with exclusive teaching material, clear study targets and personal counseling from our well prepared tutors and course directors. Our successful and proven English course programs that deliver fast effective results